Zero Altitude (2020)

  • Sport, Documentary
  • 15min

A professional climber unable to travel abroad because of the coronavirus can at least fall back on the mountains in his or her back yard. But what if you don’t have mountains? What happens if your local climbing centre is closed and you live at Zero Altitude? In this short film, Dutch alpinists, speed climbers and boulderers reflect on their activities during the lockdown. With a bit of imagination and a helping hand, many a bedroom and garden has been transformed into a climbing wall. It proves an interesting way of improving your agility and climbing moves. But most of all, it is the patience of climbers which is put to the test. “If you ask me, half of them won’t know what to do at the end of the lockdown, the other will come out of it stronger and more determined,” says one of those interviewed in this film, directed by Castor Sprado.


Castor Sprado


Dutch, English