The Wind. A Documentary Thriller (2019)

  • Documentary, Thriller
  • 1h 14m

Once it starts blowing, the Halny - a föhn wind in the Tatra - is difficult to stop. It brings destruction in its wake, with damaged buildings, buckled electricity pylons and uprooted trees. What’s more it has been known to cause suicide, heart attacks and other personal tragedies. It is unpredictable. The only thing that is certain is that it breaks out every spring and autumn.

Documentary maker Michal Bielawksi portrays this infamous Polish föhn wind in a calm and collected fashion. He tells the story of the wind through the eyes of four individuals who have to brave this recurring force of nature. With eye-catching images (by Bartek Solik) and original audio (by Martin Merc), The Wind shows the unbridled and inexorable nature of the elements in the picturesque mountain villages around Zakopane.


Michal Bielawsky