The Tough (2019)

  • Adventure, Documentary
  • 14min

Winner De Spiegel Best Newcomer Award 2020

Speleology is the reverse side of alpinism: inside the mountain and in total darkness, in a terra incognita where every inch of progress requires absolute agility. Polish cameraman Marcin Polar follows a speleologist on a voyage of discovery through an unknown cave in Poland. He does this with such penetration that the hardships and hindrances become physically perceptible to the viewer. But The Tough also provides a pause for thought. What kind of unforgiving space is it? How did it come about? What kind of secrets does it hide? And where do all the voids ultimately lead? And just like many other mountain films, you ask yourself the question Why?


Marcin Polar

Bonus Content

A word from Marcin

Director Marcin Polar thanks the Dutch Mountain Film Festival for this year’s De Spigel Best Newcomer Award.