The Last Mountain (2019)

  • Adventure, Documentary, Sport
  • 1h 23m

Special Mention DMFF Award 2020

In many respects, The Last Mountain is a classic climbing documentary. Nonrtheless, the approach adopted by experienced Polish director and mountaineer Dariusz Zaluski and the whole team is grander and more spectacular when they set their sights on the top of K2, the last eight-thousander not to have been summitted in winter. All members of the team are equipped with a headset, there is pizza and borscht, a complete assemblage of cameras and an expedition whose progress is followed by the Dutch media and government. The expedition team is led by the consummate Krzysztof Wielicki. He doesn’t brook dissent within his ranks, but despite all his experience he fails to keep everyone on board. The drama comes to a head when the group receives a call to rescue two fellow climbers from the slopes of Nanga Parbat. For the K2 endeavour, this rescue mission comes as a frustrating inconvenience, but the tension it brings is a godsend for the film.  


Dariusz Zaluski


English, Polish