Paradice (2020)

  • Documentary, Sport
  • 18min

The Alps are a paradise for climbers in winter. Enormous waterfalls freeze over and form unique constellations. This short film takes you on a journey to three of the finest icefall routes in Switzerland’s Bernese Oberland. This is a genuine ice-climbing film about risk and responsibility, but primarily about the beauty of nature.

‘What fascinates me is that a waterfall never changes its character, but in winter, when it freezes, the circumstances change,’ explains Nicolas Hojac in the Jungfrau Zeitung. ‘The icefall is not there in the summer,’ Jonas Schild elaborates. Both alpinists have known Daniel Bleuer since an early age. So it was logical that a film about ice-climbing was on the cards. For ‘Paradice’ they went in search of unique icefalls closer to home. In this way, the makers of the film wanted to show that beauty and unique experiences can be found closer to home than one might think. This film will appeal to both ice-climbing fans and nature lovers.

For the die-hards: filming took place on the ‘Nin’ near the Oeschinensee, the famous_ ‘Flying Circus’_ and the _‘Metro’ _of the Breitwandflue. These routes can offer everything: ice, cold, caves, overhangs and height. ‘We all have a right to risk,’ the film espouses.

For fans of climbing films: Stefan Siegrist can also be seen in the film ‘Lifelines’ at this year’s DMFF.


Daniel Bleuer


Jonas Schild


Nicolas Hojac


English, Swiss/German