Out of the blue (2020)

  • Adventure, Documentary
  • 43min

In 2018, Cor Vinke opened the DMFF on a slackline between two high-rise office buildings. In this film we can see him living the high life above Kandersteg in Switzerland. He joins acrobats, jugglers and alpinists on an incredible amongst the mountaintops. Maja and Sebastian, two acrobats from Berne, also form part of this extraordinary odyssey.

Maja and Sebastian are keen to try out their aerial silk acrobatics from a slackline. Once they explore the different options amongst their network, an incredible plan emerges. Instead of Berne, they find themselves on the Fisistock, at 2,787m. above sea level near Kandersteg. On top of the mountain, a colourful group of experienced and less experienced enthusiasts meet to act out their skills at dizzying heights. Slacklines, silks, spacenets, portaledges, acroyoga, base jumpers, but primarily for their pleasure: it’s all part and parcel of this spectacular film.

Discover in Paradise: a different side of Kandersteg.


English, French