Mythos Cerro Torre (2020)

  • Adventure
  • 1h 20m

The attainment of the seemingly impossible has always captured the imaginations of climbers. Above all, those who are the first to the top can acquire an almost mythical status. The supposed first ever ascent of Cerro Torre in Argentina is one of the most contentious issues in the history of mountaineering. In 1959, the Italian Cesare Maestri along with the Tyrolean Toni Egger were allegedly the first to have scaled the 3128-metre summit of the Cerro Torre in the south of Patagonia. However, during the descent, Egger suffered a fatal accident and Maestri was unable to prove that they had actually reached the top. In this documentary, climbing legend Reinhold Messner retraces their steps in Patagonia. With the aid of experts and other mountaineers, who would later scale the summit of the “toughest mountain in the world” without dispute, the events of the time are unravelled and examined with a fine tooth comb.


Reinhold Messner