Maybe Tomorrow (2020)

  • Adventure, Documentary, Sport
  • 40min

Winner Parkstad Limburg Jury Award 2020

We continue to be fascinated by images of expeditions through the untamed Arctic. Awe-inspiring depictions of pristine snowfields, fanciful ice and rock formations and beautiful sunsets over the silent Arctic Ocean are part and parcel of the DMFF. In this film however, climate change makes an intrusive appearance.

Two French adventurers, Guillaume Bertocchi and Guilhem Pouxviel, make an exploration along the inhospitable North-west coast of Greenland. The Upernavik archipelago is around 1,000km north of the Arctic Circle, on the interface between land, ice and sea. The landscape changes on a daily basis under the influence of weather and wind. As has been the case for centuries, the hunters and the fishermen on the islands in this sea live in harmony with nature. They have learned to adapt to the ever changing sea and ice. So too have the polar bears. Our explorers must also adapt. The traditional routes over the ice are now impassable.

‘Maybe Tomorrow’ is the second film by Guillaume Bertocchi. It is clear that he is both a talented photographer and teacher. He combines magnificent images with a catchy story line. He makes his fascination for the remotest regions and the people who live there supremely accessible. For his expedition to Greenland he was accompanied by bio-engineer Guilhem Pouvxiel, who suffered frostbite during their travels.



Bonus Content

A word from Guillaume

Guillaume Bertocchi, director of ‘Maybe Tomorrow’, thanks the Dutch Mountain Film Festival for the Parkstad Limburg Jury Award 2020.