Loic and the Flolopapys (2019)

  • Adventure, Sport
  • 46min

20-year-old Loic is an avid climber. He first pulled on a pair of climbing shoes at the tender of of 6. During his early climbing years he met Florian, Pablo and Pierre. Their friendship grew, along with their climbing grades, and they became known as the inseparable Flolopapys. Their positive energy is contagious. After watching this film, you will want to escape your comfort zone and head into the mountains.

Filmmaker Dominique Snyders has previously been a guest at the DMFF. For the 2018 film ‘Altaitude’ he took Damian, thirty years his junior, to the boundless white vastness of the Altai mountains, where a new world opened for him. With Flolopapys too, he makes a similar such journey of discovery, but then to new heights, rather than horizons. ‘Large open spaces and enthusiastic people have always held a fascination for me. Whenever the Flolopapys are in action, they exude a glow. The questions they ask and the emotions they feel are universal.’

The Flolopapys are only too willing to share their experience with others to inspire them - climbers or not - into overcoming their fears. Furthermore, they feel it is important to tell us about the unique bond they share. ‘Positive energy should be shared.’


Dominique Snyers