Lifelines: The Story of 2 Friends (2020)

  • Documentary, Adventure, Sport
  • 23min

Winner Best Mountaineering Film Award 2020 sponsored by

The names Roger Schäli and Stefan Siegrist are well known amongst Swiss climbers. The are modern-day professional alpinists: fast, strong and uncompromising. They have ticked off numerous famous climbing routes from the Alps to the Himalayas. After several years, the climbers reunited.

In their early years as climbers, Roger and Stefan shared an apartment in Interlaken. The best climbs were on their doorstep. Despite each going their own way - Roger as an journeyman climber and Stefan with a family and career – every now and again they would bump into each other in the mountains. The message of this film is that it isn’t time, but a shared objective that binds people. In the case of Schäli and Siegrist, this objective was the first successful climb of the Rottbrätt on the Jungfrau (8a+/ 350m). This film is not just about one of the most challenging rock faces in the Alps. The lives and the shared experiences of two exceptional climbers is also part of the action. Conversations in the spectacularly located Silberhornhütte alternate with some magnificent images of the ascent of the Rottbrätt and Metanoia (VII 5.10 M6 A4/ 1800m) on the North Face of the Eiger.


swiss-german, German

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