Descent (2020)

  • Documentary, Biography
  • 1h 2m

Kiki Bosch dives in the fiords and valleys in the mountains of Iceland and New Zealand. She is a professional cold-water freediver. She swims underwater surrounded by crags and cliffs of ice without a wetsuit or breathing apparatus. ‘Descent’ tells her story.

Her story begins in her childhood home of Eys (NL) and tells of her travels across the globe. And how, inspired by ‘iceman’ Wim Hof, she overcame the trauma of a rape through cold-water diving. Kiki has rolled back her physical and mental boundaries and uses her know-how and experience to inspire others to overcome their fears and to find peace of mind. The film shows that all this would have been impossible without years of training, proper preparation and a good team around her. Alongside enthusiasm and joy, there is pain and sadness. The Australian filmmaker Nays Baghai is likewise a qualified diver. This is his first documentary after a number of short films. His underwater images are impressive and invite us to discover the icy-cold depths of mountain lakes. But it’s not without reason that the opening titles, the instructors and the doctors tell us: ‘Don’t try this out yourself’.


Kiki Bosch


Nays Baghai


English, Eyserplat