Cerro Torre : A snowball's chance in hell (2013)

  • Adventure, Sport
  • 1h 39m

If you’re the best sports climber in the world, does that mean you’re a good alpinist too? In his film ‘Cerro Torre: Der Schrei aus Stein’ (1991), Werner Herzog asked himself the same question. In 2013, David Lama, the youngest ever world champion, put this to the test on the infamous ‘Compressor’ route on the Cerro Torre in Patagonia. The film also investigates the history of this route and offers a good insight into how difficult such a film production can be. At the age of 15, David Lama, son of a Nepalese sherpa and an Austrian mother, became world champion sports climber at junior level. He subsequently went on to win various world cups. Later he shifted his focus from sports climbing to high-altitude mountaineering. This 2013 film was shown at the Dutch Mountain Film Festival in 2015. Last year, on 16 April 2019, David Lama was swept to his death in an avalanche, along with fellow climbers Hansjörg Auer and Jess Roskelley, in an attempt to scale the east face of Howse Peak in Canada.


David Lama


Thomas Dirnhofer