Becoming a Guide (2019)

  • Adventure, Documentary, Sport
  • 1h 5m

As the title suggests, this documentary explains how and why someone becomes a mountain guide. In ‘Becoming a Guide’, two young mountaineering enthusiasts are put through their paces in their training. We follow the physical and emotional challenges that face Bianca and Finn in their ongoing quest for qualification.

Fundamentally, a mountain guide must ensure that his clients remain safe in the mountains and return an experience richer. A guide must constantly weigh up the risks and the physical limitations of his or her group. Is the route feasible? This is the background against which Bianca and Finn’s progress as potential guides is portrayed. Interviews with (I), Neil Brodie (GB) and Gudrun Weikert (D) tell the history of mountain guides, with a special focus on the role of women in this profession. The film also takes a look into the future. How will climate change affect the profession and others that enjoy mountain adventure?

Mountain guide and filmmaker Alexander Hick studied in Munich and Mexico. His films regularly appear at festivals and in museums He has won several awards, including first prize for best human rights film in Germany for ‘Thinking like a Mountain’.


Alexander Hick