Ashmina (2018)

  • Action, Thriller
  • 15min

Ashmina is a typical Nepalese girl growing up in poverty. She lives on the fringes of Pokhara, where tourism flourishes and provides many a Nepalese person with employment – until the coronavirus comes. Ashmina tries to make her pickings by helping paragliders with their equipment when they land. Once home, she gives her earnings to her family. Derek Berenson draws attention to the harsh conditions in which the girl grows up painting a poignant, yet painful picture of the imbalance in relations between rich Westerners and their dependent Nepalese hosts. The idea for this short film came to the British filmmaker when he was there himself as a tourist and years later he returned to enact the story with actors recruited locally. 


Dekel Berenson


Merlin Merton


English, nepali